Our Five Program Areas

The following core-programming areas are designed to make an impact on a child's overall well-being. These five areas include:

  • Health & Life Skills - designed to help young people develop healthy lifestyles and behaviors.
  • Education & Career Development - helping youth become academically proficient, set goals and explore life as working adults.
  • Character & Leadership Development - empowering young people to support and influence their community and sustain meaningful relationships with others.
  • The Arts - allowing children to become culturally aware by exposing them to the visual arts, crafts, the performing arts and creative writing.
  • Sports, Fitness & Recreation - helping children become physically and emotionally fit.

Children must have a current membership to attend the Club over the summer. All fees are flat fees and are not prorated. Summer program fee is a one-time fee per member. There is an Early Bird Program and fees are based on usage.