Our Mission & Testimonials

To inspire and empower all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.


Julie, an 8th Grader at our Club, shared this poem she wrote about her Club experience:

When I was small,
My mother would say,
“Go outside,
Find someone who’ll play.”
What she didn’t know,
Was that from a young age
I found it so hard
To learn to engage
With other kids,
Other neighbors and peers,
Until recently,
It’s remained one of my fears

Shy and quiet
Were simple words
Used to describe me
That I always heard.
“A late bloomer,” they’d say
With a tut of their tongues
“Don’t worry, it’s fine,
Someday she’ll belong.”

I had as much self-esteem
As a little pill bug
And as much confidence
As a lowly earth slug.
I was hushed and reserved;
Seldom would I speak
And when I opened my mouth
My words would be meek

At the Boys & Girls Club,
I feel that I’ve learned
To become a person
That deserves to be heard.
I’ve developed a voice
With the help of the family
That’s made up in the
Club’s accepting community

There are many reasons
The club is a good place
But the best, for me,
Is that it’s put a name to my face
There I have grown
Into a person with flair
A confident girl
Who will never dare
To once again
Speak with eyes to the floor
A girl who knows
What she’s put on earth for:
We all have a voice
And it’s used to make
The most wonderful words
That our world can take.

And I say this to those
Who sit in their rooms
Those people who’ve not
Become one with the bloomed
I know that life’s rough
I know you want to fit in
And I know more than anything
That it’s hard to begin
But the Club is a place
For you and for me
To become exactly the person
That you want to be

I look forward to waking,
To see the morning light
When I used to dread it
Every single night
All you really need
Is a small push or a boost
For the war within you
To come to a truce
And the helpful push
That is always there
Is the Boys & Girls Club
A place that can’t be compared

"I come to the Club because my mom works - she's a bus driver and my dad is a firefighter. They say I'm too young to stay at home alone. I usually go to the learning center and do my homework and read for Super Kids. I also do lots of clubs like panters club and drama club - we're working on a play right now called The Lorax." -- Alicia, 10-years-old